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Here are two things that piss me off. Apologies for the rant.

1) People who say shit like “Never rely on anyone because people let you down” or “Everyone you ever love will leave you so it isn’t worth loving anyone.”

Firstly, no. No no no. Humans are social beings and actually do need each other, and we have to rely on each other in some capacity or else we’ll end up alone and quite frankly, suicidal. This isn’t something you can dispute just because you broke up with your boyfriend, it is scientific fact. I’m not just talking about love or sex or friendship or whatever, we rely on each other in ways we don’t even realize.

Secondly, you need to stop getting all obsessive about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, because I just know that at least 95% of these people are single girls who feel that their relationship status, or their failed relationships are proof that we are all meant to be alone. These girls also probably have close relationships with their friends and family but still continue to stubbornly cling to this idea that they are alone. No. Lovers are not the only ones who count as fucking support in our lives. Stop thinking with your genitals and appreciate what you actually have.

Thirdly, I can’t even begin to understand how anyone can pretend that love “isn’t worth it”. Honestly? Do you really mean that? Okay yes, parents die, relationships fail, best friends drift apart - life can be fucking sad. Great. But while you’re over there being melodramatic and “alone” I’ll be over here building new relationships that I can treasure for however long they might last. Life is full of transient things, this is not new information.

2) People who say that they don’t believe in love.

That’s like saying that you don’t believe in trees. That is honestly how stupid that statement is. Love isn’t like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy, love exists. And to suggest otherwise is pretty much spitting in the face of your family/friends/lovers. Don’t have any? Okay well then fix your fucking situation and till then don’t sit there spitting in the face of the people who have and are experiencing love.

I understand that as an abstract thing, you can’t draw or photograph love, and I know that for some of us, “believing” in things that we cannot actually see can be tricky; but honestly when you say you don’t believe in love you just sound petty, bitter and stupid.

As I said before love is transient. It doesn’t always last as long as we would like it to. Sometimes when you aren’t experiencing love in any part of your life it can be easy to lose hope, I can completely relate to that - but having an attitude quite so sour is no way to better that situation.

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